In the News: 6,000-Square-Foot Shoe Store

••• “The city has spent a whopping $17 million in overtime overreacting to policing Occupy Wall Street, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Thursday.” —DNAinfo

••• “Shoe retailer Aldo is taking over 6,000 square feet at 181 Broadway to open a flagship location in lower Manhattan. The store, one of the largest shoe-sellers in the world, will occupy the building’s basement, ground and second levels.” —New York Observer

••• The new building designed by Morris Adjmi at Front and Dover is about ready. It was born to be a condo, but now it’s a rental. —Wall Street Journal

••• Two Tribeca-related posts from Manhattan Loft Guy: “53 Warren Street loft resale shows depth of bath developer took in 2009″ and “73 Worth Street loft takes a long time to sell above ask.” As I was typing, a third one came in! “22 Warren loft seller paints a portrait of motivation.”

••• “The long stalled site at 2 Renwick Street, down at the corner of Canal where a hoped for re-birth in 2009 never came to pass, will soon be home to two new hotels, brought to us by developer Sam Chang and his long-time creative cohort, architect Gene Kaufman [who designed the Sheraton Tribeca]. The development parcel covers a batch of lots facing Renwick, Canal and Hudson Streets and heavy equipment is now prepping the property in the pre-construction phase. Long-time site owner Ponte Equities is now a ‘party of interest’ with fructiferous hotelier Chang.” —Curbed

••• The New York Post recaps recent real-estate developments in Tribeca. There’s no news, but if you haven’t been paying attention, it’ll be helpful.

••• “Manhattan lawyer Peter Gleason has stepped down from the soccer-mom madam case—so he can use his Tribeca loft to bail her out, a judge said Thursday.” —New York Daily News

••• “An owner of a food-vending business says a rogue worker took off with his $100,000 truck and has been flipping burgers and appears to be pocketing his profits. The bright orange Wall Street Burgers truck […] went missing Sunday, but owner Moe Chowdhury said it’s been spotted this week doing brisk business in Manhattan. […] He said fans of his burgers have been tweeting him sightings of the truck, from Hells Kitchen to Tribeca, but he’s yet to track it down.” PR stunt? —New York Daily News

••• “Workers digging beneath Fulton Street have unearthed another historic treasure this week—a stone wall that dates back to the Revolutionary War.” —DNAinfo

••• “We’ve been chronicling the goings-on at Worth Kitchen, the supper club Felipe Donnelly runs with his wife, Tamy, for over year, and now Donnelly tells us they’re opening a restaurant, Cómodo. The couple just signed a lease for the former Salt space at 58 MacDougal, and they plan to debut ‘hopefully before summer.'” —Grub Street


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  1. Sniff…sniff..sniff……No, no, no…I will be okay. Just give me a minute. I was just thinking about the old Tribeca, before all of the hotels, condos, and Matt Abramcyk’s restaurants. This neighborhood used to be so innocent – with children running around with butterfly nets, bottomless gelato cones and Harvey Keitel carelessly stumping about in forgotten rain puddles. Why, oh why, did you let them steamroll over this neighborhood? Why, Julie Menin, WHY?!!!!