In the News: Atera Opens Tuesday

••• Atera opens Tuesday: “Atera (“to go out” in the Basque dialect) replaces the short-lived Compose, but retains its prix fixe, tasting-menu format (now $150 for ten courses, plus $90 optional beverage pairing).” —Grub Street, which has a small slideshow of striking food photos given to them by the restaurant. Pictured: “Parsley root split, freeze dried banana, dried cake, dried milk” (photo by Nathan Rawlinson, courtesy Atera). P.S. Anyone want to take me? We can talk about Tribeca! I’m not sure I can justify yet another $400+ dinner anytime soon. I’m still waiting to hear what my tax accountant thinks about my visits to Jungsik and Brushstroke.

••• Occupy Wall Street marched on the World Financial Center yesterday; nobody cared. Tomorrow: Zuccotti Park. —Broadsheet

••• Tachi Gallery’s new show features the work of Phillip Thies, who used to be a pro wrestler named Damien Demento. —New York Times

••• “Stunt Lab” at the Canal Park Playhouse gets a mini-rave from the New York Times. It certainly sounds like something the 10-year-old me would love.

••• “We were walking in Hudson Square the other day and bumped into [..] Billy Evangelou exiting the former Don Hill’s music club, at Greenwich and Spring Sts. A worker with the Pontes, the landlords, was showing him the space. Evangelou grew up across the street and his family once owned the property where Philip Johnson’s Urban Glass House now stands. He said he hopes to rent the Don Hill’s place and bring back live performances there. He’d also like to use it during the day as a music school for underprivileged youth.” —The Villager (via Eater)


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