2 Harrison St.
(at Hudson)
French, Korean

Despite its Korean name and heritage—chef Jung Sik Yim has several restaurants in South Korea—Jungsik has far more in common with Bâtard than with Kori. There are touches of Korean ingredients on the menu, but it’s more conceptually Korean than anything else. The dining room is done up in modern wenge paneling and cream banquettes. The ceiling rises as it goes east; the banquettes curve up at the corners; and all of the tables are along the walls. The private dining room—or where large groups will be seated—gets prime real estate along Hudson. The menu is entirely prix fixe, but you do get to choose from three to five dishes for each of the five courses. The food is exquisite but subtle. As you’d expect at this price point, service is formal, with the requisite fine-dining touches (amuse-bouche, petits fours, etc.). Note: The name is pronounced Yung Shik.

Jungsikjung sik room squarejung sik corner2jung-sik-private-room