Inside the Conrad New York Hotel

I got another tour of the just-opened Conrad New York hotel yesterday afternoon, and this time I was allowed to take photos. It looks very nice—a world different than the Embassy Suites, although my main memories of that hotel were lots of big groups and noisy kids (including my own relatives). Moving the lobby up to the second floor was a stroke of genius, even if I’m not entirely sure about the crazy stairs. (The stairs in the rear, leading to Goldman Alley, are on different planes; it’s hard to explain—I didn’t take a photo—and a little woozifying.)

The atrium is still in full effect, and the light fixtures called veils are said to turn very dramatic as night falls.

The restaurant, Atrio, is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The liquor license extends to the lobby, so it may turn into a post-work hotspot. The menus are here (the PDFs turn funky for me, but maybe they’ll work for you).

The rooms don’t look so different from the renderings. Love the Elizabeth Peyton artwork in the bathroom I saw.

The star of the meeting space (of which there’s more than 30,000 square feet) is the staircase by an artist whose name I didn’t catch. These photos don’t do it justice.

Just for shits and giggles, here’s an artsy photo I took through the elevator scrim.

And our photo tour is complete! You may exit into Goldman Alley….

As for the rooftop bar, named the Loopy Doopy after the Sol LeWitt mural in the lobby, it’s due to open in May. And Salvatore’s, the barber shop that Goldman Sachs carved out space for, is already open.



  1. Menu looks pretty good, actually. La Quercia prosciutto will probably get me there. Are fried shisito peppers the new trendlet? Not that I’m complaining, but I just had them at North End Grill.

  2. Good job with the photos of the Conrad.

  3. Great review, thank you for taking your time with getting pictures and posting this on your blog.