In the News: OWS Makes a Deposit

••• Atera will “soon be adding a downstairs bar and separate private dining room with its own service kitchen. Right now, the restaurant’s cocktails and coffee (pour-over, natch) are prepared behind the chef’s counter, where space is tight. When the downstairs lounge opens, it will handle the bulk of the restaurant’s cocktail needs, and it will allow diners to linger over some post-meal espressos without taking up one of the seats upstairs. (Presumably, it could also allow people to drop in and grab a bite without necessarily having to commit to a ten-course tasting menu.) The working title on the downstairs bar is ‘the Office.'” —Grub Street

••• 77 Reade sold its first unit. —New York Observer

••• “love it or hate it? glass master bath sells at 181 Hudson Street loft” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Occupy Wall Street protesters dump human waste in [FiDi] bank.” There’s video! That’s a screengrab at right.—DNAinfo

••• “After nearly two years of sleep depriving construction noise on the Brooklyn Bridge, nearly 50 angry Seaport residents gathered on Tuesday to address officials from the city’s Department of Transportation and demand relief. What they got, instead, was more bad news. It will only get worse.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. I’m pretty sure the 1% aren’t bank tellers, and don’t work at ATM vestibules. If OWS can’t affect the 1% they shouldn’t harass the 99% – just my personal opinion.

  2. Why is it always the a-hole that gets the attention? The one who’s the worst representation of society, is the one who becomes the mascot. Not an affective way to protest. Keep it up and I’ll start siding with the 1%.