Photo Safari: Dare You to Flip It

AT&T is celebrating the 10-and-a-half-year anniversary of 9/11.

The perks of royalty aren't what they used to be.

I was walking along Vestry when I saw these window (?) washers cleaning the overhang.

I've been fixated on this switch that someone attached to the traffic-signal box at Broadway and Warren.

And then the tape was removed! Is it official? Is the DOT shopping at Home Depot? Adam asked me if I tried flipping the switch, but I was afraid of what might happen.

Of all the things in the world to write as graffiti....

Lady Liberty has really embraced the green movement.

Do kids today know what a see-saw even is? Maybe the DOT should switch to swingsets or something....

Breaking my heart on a daily basis.

It's Goldman Sachs's world; you just live in it. (P.S. Number 6 should have a period at the end.)


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  1. ‘cat nipplz’ made my day, thanks!