Seen & Heard: Loft Magic

••• Pretty loft, huh? It’s totally faked. Bertrand Benoit created the computer-generated imaged based on an actual Tribeca loft designed by Fearon Hay and photographed by Richard Powers. Click to enlarge. And click the “Bertrand Benoit” link to read about it (although it’s fairly technical) and see more images, particularly on the third page.

••• Is Citibank not moving into the old Bouley Bakery & Market space after all? (I mean the one on the southwest corner of W. Broadway and Duane.) There’s been very little activity, and I’ve heard rumors of prospective tenants checking out the space.

••• Bloom, the florist on Goldman Alley, has opened.

••• The FiDi bar/café Demi Monde says it’ll be opening sometime in April.

••• Let’s take a moment to pay our respects to the old “151” that was on Hubert outside of 151 Hudson; when a new sidewalk was poured, it was removed.



  1. Dam shame about 151. RIP

  2. I loved the 151. Is nothing sacred?