Tomorrow’s Collectibles Today

A reader recently wrote in suggesting that I unmask Jim Smithers in a Nosy Neighbor post, to which I said no. (I like not knowing!) She also asked if I sold Tribeca Citizen T-shirts: “I think you would do really well with them. Maybe a table at the Taste of Tribeca?” I do sell them! See that lame little mention in the lower right-hand corner of the site? And perhaps consequently, I don’t do well with them. But they amuse me to no end. (They’re printed to order, so it’s not really possible to sell them at a booth or anything. Maybe when I move into that 15,000-square-foot triplex loft I’ll have the storage room I need to print a few thousand, just in case demand heats up….)

Buying one is easy. Just go to the Tribeca Citizen shop on You’ll see designs with the TC logo, designs with silly messages I’ve dreamed up, and designs where you can add whatever text you like (while maintaining a discreet TC logo on the chest). You can choose various colors for each style; there are shirts and sweatshirts, for adults and kids. If something you want isn’t there, let me know and I’ll try to offer it.

Plus: I streamlined the pricing so that all kids’ shirts are $15, all adults’ shirts are $25, and all adults’ sweatshirts are $40.



  1. Do you need a model for your first photo?

  2. seriously, who is jim smithers?