In the News: Hionas House

••• “City Council member Margaret Chin and Community Board 1 are calling on all Lower Manhattan residents to rally with them on Monday (April 9) at 9:30am at the intersection of John and Nassau Streets. At issue is the survival of the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, the only agency coordinating construction projects across Manhattan below Canal Street.” —Broadsheet

••• “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West talk of city after very public dates and sleepover at rapper’s Tribeca home.” Except I’m pretty sure the building pictured isn’t Tribeca. (The best part is when Cafeteria restaurant in Chelsea is called “posh.”) —New York Daily News

••• “The historic market sheds are victims of a kind of planned forgetfulness, lost in bureaucratic limbo that could lead to outright abandonment at best, eventual demolition at worst. What better use for these iconic waterfront structures than to house a permanent market to nurture and support small, innovative businesses dedicated to regional food systems?” —a New York Times op-ed about why New Amsterdam Market should take over the old Fulton Fish Market buildings.

••• Bethenny Frankel takes a stroll around Tribeca. (That’s for you, Smithers.) —New York Post

••• Tour the art-filled Bay Ridge house of Peter and Maria Hionas, who own Peter Anthony Fitness and Hionas Gallery, both on Franklin Street. —Wall Street Journal


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  1. If the New Hipsterdom Market brought in more of the affordable raw food (vegetables, principally) and less of the expensive raw and “artisanal” prepared food and beverages it has always offered, it would have a better case for becoming a permanent fixture. As it is now, it is a tourist attraction than the food market that the neighborhood really needs. Sure, I like getting the occasional shrimp roll there, and artisans need a place to sell their wares, but what we need downtown is a place to buy fresh food at reasonable prices.