Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous Where in Tribeca…? photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

Update: Damn, he’s good! Smithers wins again. It is indeed on West Broadway, between Pamper-Ur-Pets (i.e. on the Landmarc block). We’ll play again Friday¬† at 8 a.m., when there still won’t be a prize.



  1. Staple street

  2. 200 west street?

  3. Franklin Place?

  4. @J Allen: No…. It’s actually in a very prominent spot.

  5. Next to Pamper-Ur-Pets.. Gosh darn it, there really should be a prize or a free pizza or SOMETHING!!!

  6. Hey Smithers, stop bitchin’ about no prizes, you get your name in print all the time & even on the t-shirts so, once again, stop bitchin’!!!

  7. @Rose – I am not bitchin’, I am whining like a lil’ school girl. (PS 234)
    And you can get your name on a t-shirt – you just have to pay for it. http://tribecacitizen.spreadshirt.com
    Why can’t Erik get a local business to sponsor the “Where in Tribeca?”?
    Free ad time for a free coffee or pizza or cookie.
    I promise to donate my weekly prizes to Hook & Ladder 8, because I am on fire when it comes to “Where in Tribeca?”

  8. One of the reasons I’ve never offered a prize is because Smithers would win them all, but if he’s willing to donate it, I’d be game. (Then again, he’d have to or risk losing his anonymity.) Any local businesses want to raise the stakes? Email tribecacitizen@gmail.com

  9. I wouldn’t have to remove my cloak of anonymity or how else would I continue to fight the good fight? I would simply request that the prize or gift certificate be sent over to the ghostbusting firefighters on behalf of a fine “Tribeca Citizen” (me).

  10. Now I can wear my Jim Smithers shirt and stalk you around the ‘hood. But wait, how can I ANONYMOUSLY order this?

  11. We could offer a totally amazing Woodrow’s baseball cap for the next winner. On our facebook site we’ve been running similar contests and the latest baseball cap is still up for grabs.

  12. In anticipation of my inevitable victory this Friday (at 8am), I would happily forgo the lovely Woodrow’s chapeau for a round of beer (draft or bottle) or wings (hot or mild) for the boyzzz of Hook & Ladder 8.

  13. Jim Smithers! That you can have!

    But don’t forget, you don’t always win, a LONG while ago, Woodrow’s stole the (then non existing) prize from you:https://tribecacitizen.com/2012/01/27/where-in-tribeca-98/.

    So if you win, we’ll have one platter of hot and one platter of mild wings for the boyzzz of Hook & Ladder 8. But if Woodrow’s wins, you could be nice and deliver a ‘Who is Jim Smithers’ T-shirt to us. We won’t tell :)

  14. Well then……GAME ON!!!!

  15. @TorKells – Don’t screw this up – some grub for the boyzzz at Hook & Ladder 8 is on the line.