Seen & Heard: Broadway Closings

••• Two (more) stores on Broadway appear to be closing: AAF Asian Home and Tates Fine Menswear.

••• From the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center: “This week, the developer [of New York by Gehry] opened the plaza on the west side of the tower, which serves as a pedestrian passageway from Beekman to Spruce Street.”

••• Little One, the restaurant coming to the old Columbine space at 1 White Street (and W. Broadway) has taken a step forward: The façade has been covered in plywood.

••• The Chambers Street restaurant/deli Buffet Café has been turned into Sunny One, which looks like a Chinese restaurant. Maybe—you never know—this will be the good Chinese take-out joint Tribeca has been waiting for. (The URL on the awning,, doesn’t work yet. If you’re thinking of starting a business, I’d suggest not publicizing the URL until you at least have a simple placeholder page—because the last thing anyone wants to see are a bunch of GoDaddy pop-ups.)


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  1. The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center seems to be a bit premature in its statement of the plaza being open. When I just checked at 2:00 pm on Monday, April 9, 2012, while the sheds blocking the sidewalks on the Beekman and Spruce Street ends were gone, there were still barriers of plywood and orange netting alongside the plaza itself, and plywood between the plaza and the Gehry building overhang. Unless LMCCC expects people to be able to leap over these barricades, that is some new meaning of the word “open.”