In the News: Leonard Building Rejected

••• Curbed reports on the neighbors’ angry reaction to the 15 Leonard design at last night’s CB1 Landmarks Committee, which ended up rejecting the design (although the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission is who ultimately decides). I understand how neighbors wouldn’t want something big there, but all in all, it’s pretty handsome. UPDATE: Owner Steve Schnall sent over some renderings. Click to enlarge.

••• The New York Times has an update on crowdsourced Lispenard restaurant the Elevens: “Only 154 people have joined the cause (the total is visible on the restaurant’s Web site, ‘and that’s only $77,000 so far,’ said [Scott] Kester, 51. So the partners—who have a 10-year lease on the space, with a 5-year extension—are working with investors to supplement that total and open the restaurant in September or October.”

••• Occupy Wall Street protesters have decided to get jobs and lead productive lives sleep on Wall Street. —New York Times

••• “Investment and development firm VE Equities has a contract out on the final unit at the former American Express Carriage House at 60 Collister Street, another Tribeca luxury condominium developed by the company.” Even the one with two windows? Well done. —The Real Deal

••• J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons is only renting at 60 Collister. —Curbed

••• “The New York Financial District Lions Club, the local chapter of the Lions Clubs International, […] has grown to 35 Lower Manhattan residents since its inception in October, 2011.” —Broadsheet

••• “Male customers […] make up 10 percent of [nail salon] Tenoverten’s business.” —New York Post

••• “The Beekman Beer Garden [in the Seaport] will open for the season on Saturday. The space has two bars, a fire pit, ping pong tables, and a few flat screens for watching the game. For the rest of the month, it’s only going to be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but starting May 4, Beekman Beer Garden will be open seven days a week.” —Eater

••• The New York Times says that ‘You Better Sit Down: Tales From My Parents’ Divorce,’ now at the Flea Theater, is “modest but engaging.”

••• “City officials marked the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s doomed voyage with a solemn ceremony at the South Street Seaport Thursday.” Can the dead suddenly vote? —DNAinfo

••• Curbed had a rendering of the new Pier 17 that shows advertising all around the sides.



  1. I don’t want to lean on this wonderful platform for pushing my (apparently) contrarian views, but Leonard St. (my street) brought it out in me when a short while back my neighbors expressed their revulsion at a commercial business’ garish awning. I, perhaps a bit confrontationally (sorry), reminded them that some of us lived here before the somewhat horrifying assault on architecture they live in was built, but we live here because we _let live_ here, so I really was OK with having to look at what I called a “blot” every day. I think that is what first attracted some of the celebrities who’ve lived here since the 70’s – people then just went on about their stuff and took a certain quiet pleasure in not living in a stagnant, gentrified hothouse.

    The proposed Leonard St. project IS a refined and handsome one (who knows what it would become in reality?) I didn’t like my own views getting blocked by people swooping in and building preposterous aeries on rooftops around here. But they did it and (not to sound too pious) it eventually just came to look like more life, and I was pleased by that.

    “‘I’m trying to like it,'” said one commissioner.” I’m trying not to resent you very much. I think both of our efforts are doomed.

  2. @David – Maybe you should have brought a plate of the now-famous Woodrow’s Hot Wings to the meeting. Not to persuade them, but to allow them, for one brief shining moment, to enjoy the taste of delicious freedom. If you don’t have the money or balls to develop real estate, then why do you get to pick out the paint color? CB1 Landmarks Commission – you’re like every Co-Op Board – self-serving, visionless, worthless, and wingless. Remember your classic battle over the Greenwich Hotel penthouse? Way to continue to leave your “land”mark.

  3. And, yes, I do just lump all of the different Landmark commission/committees together. It’s easier.