Citizen Style | April 2012

It’s time for Mona Akhtar’s monthly look at who’s rocking the sidewalk. And remember, if she stops you on the street, say yes!

Freelances in the fashion industry | Lives in the East Village but loves Tribeca and often visits his best friend here | Frequents Jem Fabrics | When he’s gloomy he dresses to improve his mood.


Visiting from Quebec City | In Tribeca walking around and enjoying the weather | Describes her style as original and not too serious.


Lives on Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights and works in the area | His sartorial sense has “no preconceived notions. It’s more like I know it when I see it.”


Works in the neighborhood at the Department of Health | Caught him on his way home to Staten Island | Dresses to make himself happy every day and believes others should do the same.


Visiting from Hamburg, Germany | In Tribeca relaxing after the 9/11 Memorial | Likes army jackets, leather, and always likes to wear one very colorful accessory (her rock-star sea foam green sneakers are somewhat washed out by the sun).


Lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn | Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy the day | Aspires to dress uniquely.


From Dublin, Ireland | In a mad rush to get to the theater looking like a fairy princess.


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  1. Not one Tribeca resident! What does this say about us? Are we that uninteresting or do we just blend into the background?
    I wonder how difficult this assignment would be if Mona were to capture only residents next month.

  2. @Andrea: She asked me if it was OK that none lived here, and I said sure—because what matters most is that the people have interesting style. I don’t want to make her assignment harder! She’s doing it for free!

  3. Erik: I agree; if I didn’t enjoy the piece, I wouldn’t read it. I’m just pondering.

  4. P.S. City dwellers in the province of Quebec have long had interesting fashion sense. And, Quebec City residents have the warmest, most stylish winter coats and boots ever. Visit in January and you will know why!

  5. Especially taken with that fashionable and handsome guy Bennett!

  6. I hope shes taking shots of the guests at tonights Tribeca Ball at NYAA~~

  7. thanks so much for the comment, andrea — i too was disappointed at the lack of residents i captured. i will have to spend more time pounding the pavement in the coming weeks! and i agree re quebec city fashion!

  8. Mona could always come to one of the many playgrounds and find resident moms and their kids. That would really get Jim Smithers going!

  9. Please tell me where BENNETT is standing. What a beautiful spot?

  10. Claudine, I usually notice nannies with the children & rarely any mothers of the children, that’s what Tribeca has turned into!

  11. I forgot to add that the mothers that are there all look alike as if they were rubber stamped!

  12. DS – Bennett is on the battery park promenade, at a beautiful spot south of the marina

  13. great shots..diverse styles and lots of color!

  14. What great shots! Mona’s definitely got a fantastic eye for style!