Seen & Heard: Tribeca Blu Hotel

••• The southeast corner of Broadway and Canal is going to be a hotel. That location may not interest you, but the building is gorgeous. The name of the hotel is Tribeca Blu; the owners, Ruchi Enterprises, have a lot of Comfort Inns, Hampton Inns, et al, and they say Tribeca Blu is scheduled to open May 25. My favorite part of the website is this: “Step outside Tribeca Blu and start feeling that New York City attitude.” Yeah, from guys trying to sell you a counterfeit handbag.

••• The uptown Kaffe 1668 is now serving lunch (primarily sandwiches and soups).

••• Downtown Florist (on Church between Warren and Murray) is indeed moving around the corner, next to Takahachi Bakery on Murray.

••• Business guru Seth Godin will be at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on May 16.

••• Details about the Public Art Fund‘s next exhibit at City Hall Park have been announced. It’s called “Common Ground” (May 24–Nov. 30) and here’s the description: “Traditional public monuments and statues had a clear civic purpose, many having been commissioned to commemorate an important event, notable individual, or significant group. The artists featured in this show—Elmgreen & Dragset, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Roger Hiorns, Jenny Holzer, Matthew Day Jackson, Justin Matherly, Paul McCarthy, Amalia Pica, and Thomas Schütte—have taken this tradition of civic sculpture and expanded upon it.”

••• From the Downtown Alliance: “Battery Park City Parks Conservancy starts removing lawn fencing this week. Lawns should be open by Wednesday.”

••• The name of the fitness facility coming to the northern half of the Truffles Tribeca storefront is Superstar Gym. Which might be this? (The southern half will be a Fika café.)



  1. Wow. Famous WorkoutLoft comes to Tribeca. Amazing for all Fitness lovers!

  2. Finally gym coming that is owned by athletes and not
    Franchises. Thanks God we need gym like this at Washington street