In the News: The Tribeca Ball

••• The Fab Life has photos of celebrities at last night’s Tribeca Ball, the annual event at the New York Academy of Art. I was invited to the cocktail portion of the evening, and I didn’t see anyone famous, but I’m really bad at that, so maybe I did. And I wimped out on taking photos because how can you take photos and hold a glass of wine? I did manage the three you see here: an excellent pair of shoes that was in front of me in line (I still wonder how many guests thought the giant inflatable rat across Franklin Street was a piece of art), a performer dressed à la Madame X (at one point she lip-synched “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”), and dioramas where you could pose next to a living artwork. I should’ve photographed guests—the fashion was major—but sometimes you just want to enjoy yourself, you know? Next year, if they invite me again, I’ll do it.

••• “Police arrested four Occupy Wall Street protesters who camped out on Wall Street Monday morning.” —DNAinfo

••• More than $5,000 mysteriously disappeared from the safe of the Tribeca Tap House. —New York Post

••• i8 NYC details what dinner at Atera is like: Chef Matt Lightner “is the real deal, having worked at the highly revered Mugaritz, and it shows. When it comes to textures, temperature, and technique, the execution is practically flawless. None of the food is coerced or phony. Even their butter is intentional.” (You don’t want to know what accidental butter tastes like.) I’m hatching a plan to get to Atera….

••• Feisty Foodie was feeling the ramen at Zutto.


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