I Put a Misspell on You

The website Stuff White People Like once included misspellings, which annoyed me because I don’t like race-based generalizations and the whole thing kind of sucked the fun out of it for me. Because I’m a white person who does like misspellings! And word-related errors in general! Not all are amusing, of course. As I collected these over the past couple of months, I realized certain errors are more noteworthy than others—when a new, funny-sounding word is created; when the wrong word is used; when a business misspells its own name. Obviously, not everyone has been fortunate to have much of an education, and heaven knows I’m not adept in any language but English. So I offer this not in a spirit of meanness—after all, it’s not as if I haven’t made a boolper or two over the years—but in  a spirit of let’s all just laugh as much as we can as we muddle through this thing called life.



  1. This just made my morning. Thanks!!

  2. Did you ever notice the sign in front of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, by the Cafe? They often have lattus and abocado sandwiches…

  3. I like this, charming, not mean spirited at all!

  4. Considering the fare (“sushi”) if they’d only left off the first “r” in the top one they’d be on solid ground.

  5. Love it!

  6. Made me smile while I had my cup of cooffe!