Welcome to TweeBeCa: Special Celebrity Edition!

All good New Yorkers know they’re not supposed to talk to celebrities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tweet about spotting them out and about.



  1. i need to keep my eyes more open apparently!

  2. I passed on the opportunity to hashtag a tweet this week because I didn’t want to violate her anonymity in a big way, but I watched a lovely, tall, blond actress who lives on W. Bway playing with her child at Balloon Saloon this week. She was demonstrating a Whoopee Cushion. Had I made one, the video would have gone full-throttle viral.

  3. Saw James Gandolfini last month outside his TriBeCa apt bldg loading his MB suv. Came face to face. Blank stare, same stoic look as “Tony”.

  4. Wow man… are celebrities now like Gods that every time they are spotted, people make that big a deal out of them? I’m sick and tired of having to hear everyday… I spotted X and Y… and so on….

    The point is: WHO CARES???? How about they are spotted trying to help out the others in NYC get some food? Shelter? Job? Now, thats a better story. Otherwise we’ll keep having to hear about a celebrity who left a $5000 tip at a restaurant just to show off!!!!!! Or how Kardashian spent an evening at Kanye’s pad… enough is enough!!!

  5. OMG…I just saw Lena Dunham at Soul Cycle!!!! She wasn’t wearing any clothes!! I mean I think she wasn’t, I was too busy staring at her hair. OMG, she must brush it constantly!!! OMFG!! Where’s my journal?!!

  6. This probably comes off as catty, but does Lena D really go to Soul Cycle? I did see that last Girls episode…

  7. Yeah, Lena should lose the whole “Game of Thrones-esque” nudity to her show and just stick to figuring out who the f**k killed Rosie Larsen!!!