Just Scandinavian Is Closing

After seven years, home furnishings store Just Scandinavian (and Mostly Swedish, as I like to think of it) is closing its big, beautiful store at Hudson and Laight. “We’re looking for a smaller space, and we’d like to stay in the neighborhood,” says owner Ann Ljungberg. “In the meantime, we’re selling off as much as we can.” Furniture, lamps, and fabric are 20% off through April 28, then 30% off through May 5, and 40% off through May 12. Tabletop items are 40% off through April 28, then 50% off through May 5, and 60% off through May 12. I love the stuff at Just Scandinavian—I ran over and scooped up some plastic place mats, because Adam is a messy eater*—and if you’ve never been inside, you really should go. In my opinion, every room needs at least one Josef Frank item. The chair pictured above is a good start.

Duxiana—the Swedish company best known for its Dux beds—is moving its Flatiron store into the space. And Duxiana will also sell its non-bed furniture in the new location; this will be the first time in years that Duxiana furniture will be available in the U.S. Below: Some Duxiana pieces.

* Adam isn’t really a messy eater. That was just payback for the time he inexplicably gave me “red wine stain remover” as a birthday gift.



  1. Just got back from purchasing a silver candelabra and some smaller items. The discount was so huge I felt like a thief. Ann, the owner suggested I leave my email to find out when and where they will re-open.
    No need, I said, Erik at Tribeca Citizen will be sure to report.
    Keep up the comprehensive, timely reporting of all things Tribeca – although I live really near the store, I wouldn’t have otherwise known of the pending closure and sale.

  2. I went back and bought a cabinet!

  3. Alas, not the $17K one….

  4. Oh so you got a steal too!
    The white one?

  5. @Andrea: Yep, with glass-paneled doors