Seen & Heard: New Mocca Tenant

••• The space at 78 Reade—on the northeast corner of Church, where Mocca café used to be—is going to become something called Balcony Café. I was walking by yesterday when the proprietor was taping liquor-license notices (click to enlarge) in the windows. I stopped to ask him what was up, but I got dismissed when his upstairs neighbor also expressed interest. Can’t blame the proprietor for giving the neighbor precedence—but I’d love it if one of them would let me know the details by emailing

••• From a reader who has long lamented the lack of good Chinese food: “Ordered in from Sunny One at 94 Chambers last night. First impression: a lot better than New China Red.”

••• Hula Hoopers, start practicing! Torly Kid‘s fourth-annual Tween Party and Hula Hoop Contest is May 12 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Special events this year: Author Sarah Mlynowski will do a reading, and airbrush artist Mike Barile will be painting designs on free neon canvas bags.

••• George, the doorman at 11 Beach, is a nominee in a “hottest doorman” contest because of his singing.



  1. i always order in chinese food from china chalet in FiDi or Suzie’s in Greenwich Village

  2. I walk past Sunny One twice a day and never noticed it. thanks, Erik!

  3. Stick to take-out for Sunny One. In the restaurant, food is served in takeout containers and they won’t even serve tap water. Food was ok, but not what we were hoping for…