Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous Where in Tribeca…? photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

Update: Congratulations, Cookie! It is indeed on Desbrosses, between Washington and West. We’ll play again Friday at 8 a.m.



  1. On Desbrosses between Washington and West St? On the south side?

  2. Howard is a very handsome man.

  3. Yep… on Desbrosses b/w West and Washington. One of the places that I’d wish I had never gone because it has caused me nothing but heartache…

  4. @ lp james. I know. Some places cause hurt memories. I thought I would never see one place again because of the pain it caused me, but the next thing you know, it comes in the web!

    Cheer up lp and hopefully god will grant you your true love!

  5. Howard’s handsome but so, so sad. Maybe he needs a buddy.