Seen & Heard: Harry’s Italian Opening Date

••• Harry’s Italian is opening in Goldman Alley on Monday, May 7 (a week from today). That photo is making me miss pepperoni. The only time I miss being a carnivore is when it comes to pizza toppings….

••• At Greenwich Grill the other night, I was surprised to see sangria on the drinks menu. I was even more surprised to see its ingredients listed as “red wine, whiskey, brandy, cointreau, and cinnamon.” I mentioned my surprised to the bartender, who gave me a taste. It was pretty good! Although potentially lethal.

••• I checked in with Corton chef Paul Liebrandt to see when his cookbook is coming out—he said next spring.

••• Cercle Rouge has begun serving breakfast on weekdays (8 a.m. to 11 a.m.).

••• I didn’t manage to make it to Baby’s First Trade Show the Tribeca Family Festival, but I did get a kick out of this vendor on my way to Greenwich Grill. Childhood ain’t as easy as it used to be.



  1. I don’t know if my family has aged out, but that Tribeca Family Festival seemed the least festive thing I’ve been to in a while… There wasn’t really all that much to do and I could see the professionals on the stage desperately trying to get everyone to dance and clap along, I didn’t see much audience participation. Also, the Scholastic tent was gone and a Coke bouncy castle doesn’t seem like a good enough replacement…

  2. I totally agree with Liat. I thought it was pretty dull and lame. My family has been going to the festival for the past several years and each year, our desire to attend diminishes. We almost skipped it this year and wished we had. It’s one big advertisement for businesses. We saw more businesses advertising themselves than fun activities for families. I also have been seeing less and less local TriBeCans each year at the festival. I think it has become more of a destination event.

  3. My kids loved all the sports stuff on Harrison. Victor Cruz was a treat. We really enjoyed Soccer Day last week too.

  4. Oh, also so happy to have another breakfast spot option in the hood! Love Cercle Rouge.