In the News: Occupy Wall Street

••• The Broadsheet details Occupy Wall Street’s plans for today. The local part: “A march (for which a permit has been issued) will move toward Lower Manhattan at 5:30pm, and then to a yet-to-be-disclosed location for an after-party beginning at 8:00pm.”

••• Daniel Garofali, “the world’s first social media supermodel,” tells Racked that he likes buying cowboy boots at Church Street Surplus: “Just across Canal Street from my apartment lies Church Street Surplus, one of NYC’s best vintage and military clothing stores. It’s authentic as it gets, a secret gold mine for many over the last 50 years. It’s a rare occasion that I don’t drop into this shop on my way home to browse the extensive collection of motorcycle jackets, leather pants, furs, suits, pea coats and cowboy boots.”

••• “Without an expected grant for sod from the LMDC, the Parks Department is using a method, previously untried in [Washington Market Park], to grow grass fast before May 20.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Hughes Corp., Seaport Museum and city at center of conflict over who can sell and where as Hughes tenants struggle to make sales while other vendors operate rent-free nearby.” —Tribeca Trib

••• The Franklin Street house that Dominique Strauss-Kahn stayed in cut its price. —Curbed

••• A Wall Street Journal columnist was miffed because he thought the Port Authority would give him an exclusive on 1WTC becoming the tallest (if uninhabited) building in New York City. First, really? Second, get over it. Third, at least you were invited.


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  1. What is the rule when they close the street for these demonstrations and the resident of the street tries to enter in their car to go into their parking lot below their building? Can someone please tell the traffic agents that people have a right to enter their homes even during demonstrations.