In the News: IPN Rally Today

••• “Residents and elected officials will rally [at 11:15 a.m.] today outside Independence Plaza North on Greenwich and Duane Streets to protest a court decision that threatens rent stabilization for thousands of tenants in the development, as well as elsewhere in the City.” —Broadsheet

••• “The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center expects to maintain its current level of service, despite losing approximately two thirds of its staff in the last year, by changing its focus. Testimony last week at the joint hearing of the City Council’s Lower Manhattan Redevelopment and Transportation Committees indicated that the LMCCC plans to focus on managing construction schedules in Lower Manhattan at sites other than the World Trade Center.” —Broadsheet

••• Menswear brand Saturdays—which you know I like—is having a sample sale, starting today, at 19 Kenmare. —Racked

••• “The British Garden at Hanover Square was renamed for Queen Elizabeth II.” —DNAinfo

••• “Tourists standing in the middle of Whitehall Street to take pictures of the Wall Street bull will no longer have to worry about getting hit by cars. The Department of Transportation announced plans Wednesday night to create new pedestrian plazas around Bowling Green to accommodate the crowds of commuters, residents and tourists who are now often forced out into the street.” —DNAinfo

••• T Magazine details the brunches that restaurateur Matt Abramcyk (Smith & Mills, et al) and Nadine Ferber (Tenoverten) host. Abramcyk sure has been on a PR blitz lately. The photo appears to be by Anna Wolf. (via Eater)


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  1. Mr. Abramcyk also has an interview in the current Tribeca Trib, in which he comes off as quite likeable. Many years ago David Bouley enjoyed (perhaps encouraged) a similar PR blitz. At the time he was working very hard to establish his “empire” on the blocks surrounding his restaurants, which have since opened, closed, changed names and styles, and in general, not coagulated into an “empire”. (For the record, Chef B is indeed very likeable in real life, but has not always been depicted to best advantage by others). Now Mr. Abramcyk has several going establishments in the neighborhood and is vying for more. Maybe this is all part of a concerted bid to become the next “Mayor of Tribeca”.