Seen & Heard: Bogardus Plaza Upgrade

••• I got all excited when I saw in the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center’s weekly update that the DOT will be making improvements to Bogardus Plaza—”replacing the green paint with a crushed-gravel surface, installing flexible delineators [along Reade] to mark the plaza’s borders, and adding more street furniture.” I called Tory Weil of the Friends of Bogardus Garden for confirmation, and she said that it’s all true—except for the crushed gravel part. “The green paint is going to be shot-blasted off, and then the surface will be painted with epoxy, like in bike lanes.” (The current green paint gets slippery when wet.) “It’ll be two stone shades, to match sidewalk and the planters. We’re keeping the pattern.” The flexible delineators (a.k.a bollards) will be on Reade; emergency vehicles need to be able to access the buildings on Hudson. They’re trying to get it finished before the Spring Day event on May 12—more on that in tomorrow’s Coming Up post. Also in the works: another bike rack and recycling containers. “And have you noticed that starting in May, the tables and chairs are out later?” asked Tory. “That’s thanks to five local businesses—Cosmopolitan Café, Super Linda, Morgan’s Market, Kings Pharmacy, and Ward III—who have volunteered to bring them in anytime between 6 and 8 p.m. for the next six months.” P.S. I asked her if she knew if the DOT would be replacing the traffic light at Hudson and Reade with a stop sign—it’s one of the few intersections where cars can turn right on red, so  the stoplight serves no real purpose (except to frustrate drivers who get stuck behind a car that won’t turn right on red). She said she’d ask…

••• Also from the LMCCC: “With crews now completing foundation work on the new SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park, the turntable portion will be installed in May.” It’ll be done in mid-2013.

••• And this came from a separate LMCCC update (that overlaps with the first one—I don’t understand why): “Romanian Parade Saturday afternoon, with full closure from Fulton to Battery.” The link doesn’t mention the ROManian Parade, from what I could tell, but what more do you need to know?

••• Michael White is testing recipes for the Butterfly, according to a tweet from Altamarea PR rep Olivia Young. This is salisbury steak. The last time I saw salisbury steak on a menu was, well, never. But I loved it in TV dinners!


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