Ivy’s Bistro Is Not Closing

Matt Abramcyk’s plan to turn Ivy’s Bistro into an oyster bar called Maritime has fallen through. According to Ivy’s owner Mike Gibson, when the deal was announced, it was still in the conversation phase, and it didn’t work out. Gibson says he has just over two years left on the lease and hopes to extend it.

I’ve reached out to Abramcyk for a comment; will post it here if he responds.

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  1. I wondered about this as I was passing by today. There’s a sandwich board asking for Zagat votes, which I thought was odd if their days were numbered.

  2. Shame. Nothing wrong with Ivy’s but I was kinda looking forward to something new. Oh well. I’ll stick with Smith and Mills next door for champagne mignonette oysters…

  3. …and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the situation changes again.

  4. I hope ivy’s revamps or something. It’s sorta dirty there and they have locanda prices and not such an interesting menu. I’ll be happy if Maritime “resurfaces” somewhere else in TriBeCa.

  5. @ yael. I so appreciate you dinning at Ivy’s.
    We always try to update our menu, but being a mom and pop restaurant in TriBeCa, we do try and cater to our regulars who have favorite dishes…and cater is comfort food, NOT the new dish of the moment.

    I’m confused and a little shocked by your statement of our appearance and costs. Our portions are bigger than anyone on the block, for the same price or much less. Locanda Verde prices? I wish. Our sliders are 13.95. Theirs are 18.95. I’ll also stand by the taste of our food as well…

    I’d love for you to come in and we can discuss any suggestions you may have. Who knows, I may be able to put your favorite dish on the menu.

    But that statement was a little hurtful. Please stop in anytime and we can chat. Hope to see you soon

    Mike Gibson
    Ivy’s Bistro 212-343-1139

  6. went there two months ago…cockroaches running across the floor…dirty, dingy, overpriced….was hoping there days were numbered…guess not

  7. I agree with Mike.
    Ivy’s has been a staple on the block for a good long while.
    It is a local hangout with a pleasant presence and a down to earth dining experience.
    Two of my neigbors practically live there!
    When a building has to do fascade and pointing work the required scaffolding can really put a damper on the appearance of a place.
    Look Matt seems like a nice guy – a sincere guy but PLEASE I think we have enough Adamcyk places in our little neighborhood.

    Yael you already have plenty of Adamcyk places to choose from and
    you should have done your homework before making the statement about Ivy’s having the same pricing and portions as Locanda Verde.
    Small businesses in TriBeCa should be promoted not diminished with ill advised claims.

  8. I’m so happy to hear that Ivy’s is staying open. They have the best turkey burger around! Keep up the good work Ivy’s!