Coming Up: Woodyfest, Juggling, Chely Wright

From Incidental Western, a solo exhibition of new work by Michael Berryhill at Kansas (see May 17).


“Is Schuster returns to her digital roots in her current exhibit, Manifestations, on display at One Art Space in Tribeca from May 11th through June 2nd. Each colorful canvas features vibrant, complex and glowing elaborations of ancient symbols, calling forth living energies and invoking powerful manifestations of humanity’s deepest hopes and dreams. A member of MIT’s pioneering Architecture Machine Group in the 1970’s, Is Schuster was the first artist to exhibit digital art in New York City.”

Eckart Hahn’s “Ancient Light” at Pablo’s Birthday.

FB Gallery is proud to present Prince Michael’s Neverland: The Measure of an Artist. Michael Anthony Pegues, a fixture of the downtown art scene and true NY icon has finally found a home at FB gallery to present his vision. His constant quest for recognition, almost an obsession, has led him to constantly produce artworks where his image takes center stage.

MAY 17–JUNE 23
Kansas is pleased to present Incidental Western, a solo exhibition of new work by Michael Berryhill. Michael Berryhill’s studio practice is an intensive exploration of temporal production and the impossibility of painting. His recent paintings, sculptures and works on paper are informed by accident and recovery; an attempt to invent his way into meaningful mystery.”

MAY 18–19
Apexart invites visitors to exchange pictures from their lives with selections from the photo archive of Brooklyn artist Kambui Olujimi. Come with an image of any size, medium, style, and subject and leave with a photo of your choice. For those unable to bring pictures to the event, there will be limited facilities for on-site printing. A Life in Pictures blurs the lines of biographical authorship in a world moving towards dematerializing means of communication, allowing guests to interject moments from their own lives into this larger life in pictures. Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Parents, give your kids their first exhibition opportunity! Bring your kids and family photos to contribute to the photo archive.”

Chely Wright at City Winery.

JUNE 15–17
Mark Nizer’s Expect the Impossible at Canal Park Playhouse: “Outrageous comedy antics and wild juggling adventures are in store for Canal Park Playhouse! Using lasers, robots, and extreme 3D juggling, Mark Nizer transforms impossible feats into an awe-inspiring theatrical event. Mark Nizer astounds audiences with his show-stopping tricks mixed with cutting edge technology. 3D glasses will be available.”

JULY 11–13
“Woodyfest” concerts of Woody Guthrie songs at City Winery, with performers such as Billy Bragg, Tim Robbins, and Rachael Yamagata.

The BoDeans at City Winery.


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  1. man it’s a sad, sad day for music when you give tim robbins billing over allen toussaint