Seen & Heard: Another Restaurant on Murray

••• The storefront at 45 Murray—the home of CTL Electronics—is becoming Benaras Restaurant, according to the permits in the window. (CTL posted a note saying it’s moving upstairs at the end of the month.) I’m hearing it’ll be an Italian restaurant. Still investigating….

••• Somehow I missed that Landmarc chef/restaurateur Marc Murphy’s catering company, Benchmarc Events, is handling the food concession on the East River Ferry: “The menu includes products from local Brooklyn vendors such as coffee from the Brooklyn Roasting Company, retro-style U-bet Egg Creams (in chocolate and vanilla), Butter Lane Cupcakes, potato chips from McClure’s, and a variety of other snacks,” says the ferry website. P.S. if you haven’t taken the ferry yet, you really should get on it.

••• After the ferry I wandered over to Bowne & Co., the letterpress stationers that’s part of the Seaport Museum. It has a lot more than when it opened, and it’s absolutely worth checking out.

••• According to a friend who recently inquired about membership, Asphalt Green Battery Park City is now saying the very earliest it might open is mid to late June. Maybe they’re underpromising so they can overdeliver?

••• Bogardus Plaza is resurfaced and it looks fantastic! On a day like today, it’s such a delight.



  1. that asphalt green is never opening, and it has terrible communication.. they think by huddling down and not talking to us, we’ll forget that they ever promised to open!

  2. I also found inquiries to the Asphalt Green people frustrating. Related question: anyone know a good resource for pools in the area? I wonder if there are good local pools that charge on a per use basis. Might be less expensive than a year-round subscription that doesn’t get used because it’s far away (as is the case for my wife now).

  3. chelsea piers is 25meters, nice for the hudson view and they have summer and weekend deals.
    50 meter is worth waiting for!

  4. Stuyvesant pool is also open on a per use basis, not 50 meters, or even 25 meters, but good enough for laps and play. (change rooms/showers are minimal and I wouldn’t shower in them, there’s often hairs all over them, but towel off and go home damp and it’s all good)