Behold the Loopy Doopy

The Conrad New York’s rooftop bar, the Regal Beagle Loopy Doopy (named after the Sol LeWitt mural in the hotel’s atrium), is open. Getting there, however, is a bit confusing. A sign at the elevator bank says to take the designated elevators for the rooftop bar, and there are indeed two designated elevators—but there’s no button to call them. I gave up looking at street level and went to the lobby level, where I still couldn’t find a button. I was rubbing those walls like a genie might pop out. Then the doors opened, as if by magic.

The Loopy Doopy is on the 16th floor, just down a bland hallway and through a door. When I was trying to gauge how large the bar area is, my first thought was that it’s about the size of a floor at Tiny’s—although it may be a little bigger. The furnishings are nondescript but the views are fantastic, and of course nothing beats being outside. The crowd was very much post-work; I’m seeing it as a lovely place to go on a Sunday evening, if it’s open then. On weekdays, weather permitting, it’s open from 5 p.m. till midnight.

Tip #1: Bring sunglasses, because the sun beats down on the bar. Tip #2: There was only one bartender when I was there, and if that happens to you, order something simple (like a gin and tonic) and maybe she’ll make it before the large orders from the specialty cocktail menu (click to enlarge). Beer is available, although I believe the one tap is for Prosecco. Tip #3: Don’t waste your time trying to find a button for the elevator. I asked a staffer when I was back downstairs, and he said it was a design flaw they’re working on fixing. If the wrong elevator comes, he said, just send it away.

UPDATE: A reader just sent this in!



  1. I was there on Sunday when there was no one there except tourists staying in the hotel. It’s a nice spot, but service was slow. Also, as to be expected, prices are high. We had the same problem with the elevator. Bathrooms are lovely. Would go again on a Saturday or Sunday. Have to wonder how the people living in Riverhouse (or whatever the residential building is that looks onto this bar) feel about people being able to look into their living rooms, albeit from a distance.

  2. How is it that LD can (apparently) use real glassware, but the David Burke rooftop place at the James said last summer that they HAD TO use plastic?

  3. @Suzanne F: The James has a pool.