Seen & Heard: Apartment Sale

••• Interesting apartment sale tomorrow, especially if you like women’s fashion. Click the image to see all the details. I might go just to see the apartment….

••• JCP’s pop-up shop is now online.

••• Per a tweet from @TibiTaylor: “USPS moving from Peck Slip to 114 John St on June 4.” The old USPS building at Peck Slip will become a school.

••• From New Amsterdam Market: “Please join us this Sunday for our second Gathering of Fisheries, which will bring together local fishmongers, shellfish vendors, chefs, and other supporters of a revived Fulton Fish Market site for a day of celebrating our coasts and the bounty they provide. […] In addition to the fisheries, nearly 40 regular New Amsterdam Market vendors will be present—including Flying Fox, making her season debut with fresh-picked strawberries from Maryland—so check out the full list on our website.”

••• A note in the window of Seaport restaurant SamSara says it’s reopening soon with a new chef and a new menu.

••• From local art furniture designers Cmmnwlth: “A furniture show of ours (for ICFF, with three other U.S. designers) opens at Mondo Cane tonight 6–9 p.m. The exhibit is called “No Frontier”: and it’s co-curated by Volume Gallery of Chicago. We’ll be presenting the entire Seltanica series consisting of a family of lights, a wall mounted hook and an umbrella stand.”



  1. From my experience eating there, SamSara seemed to be one of those “ooh, wouldn’t it be fun to own a restaurant?” places from owners who don’t know nearly enough about the business to actually RUN a restaurant. They are nice ladies, and I wish them luck on the next incarnation of the place (which I will probably try–once, unless it is a vast improvement). But I hope they’ve learned more since they originally opened.

  2. Would have been nice if the lady holding the apartment sale answered the buzzer!

  3. @Nicole: Right?! (Was it you I went up with?)

  4. @Erik: No, but I tried it at 10 and again at 10:45.. Nada!