A Most Delicious Day

Another wonderful Taste of Tribeca today—I’m always surprised how so few restaurants phone it in. And I was glad I wore my Tribeca Citizen T-shirt, because I got to meet a lot of readers. (Several other folks asked where they could buy such an awesome piece of apparel.) Congratulations to the volunteers who put the event together; it surely raised tons of money for P.S. 234 and P.S. 150.

Lotus Blue’s banana blossom and mango salad tasted especially good on such a warm day. (Alas, the sun was so bright I couldn’t tell that the photo was out of focus.)

The Marc Forgione team hard at work plating a tasty fluke dish.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale—made with fresh ginger and unfiltered—hit the spot. The staffer said it’s available at Whole Foods; I may have to pick some up.

One attendee planning her attack.

Landmarc’s pretty beet salad.

It was definitely the Year of the Meatball. A standout: Terroir Tribeca’s meatball sandwich. (I need to know where the bread is from.) And it was a far better value than Locanda Verde’s otherwise worthy single duck meatball. UPDATE: The bread is stecca from Sullivan Street Bakery.

 Cosmopolitan Café’s creperie was one of the busiest stalls.

Hi, Rocco of ROC!

Mehtaphor won style and practicality points for serving its dumplings in takeout containers.

Paul Shapiro’s Ribs and Brisket Revue (sponsored by City Winery) was really good.

I kept running into this dog, who doesn’t need to have dinner tonight (based on the amount of hoovering I saw him do.)

Hi, Rachel from Tribeca Treats!

I heard at least three people raving about Bouley’s dessert.

Here’s looking forward to next year’s event! I already have a resolution ready: Not to get so excited to dig in that I forget to grab a napkin. It happened time after time….



  1. we had the bouley dessert and it was worth raving about, as was the Blau Gans confection of strawberries and elderflower. Everything we ate was just delish but they were standouts.

  2. Had the greatest day! I had the shepherds pie from Lilly O’Brien’s which was great and the black cod from Nobu Next Door. Pulled pork from Walkers always fantastic. Kids loved the crepes and the chocolate molten cake from Duane Park and there were lots of cupcakes on the table. I heard rave reviews about the Pastrami from Kutshers and meatballs from Locanda Verde. The kids gave Deans a thumbs up and Takahachi hand rolls were great. I also enjoyed Tribeca Grand’s squash blossom with basil goat cheese.