Seen & Heard: Bathhouse Open for Business

••• I went to New Amsterdam Market for the first time in a while on Sunday, and I was pleased to see a sizable vegetable stall like the ones at the Greenmarket. (I’m a fan of New Amsterdam Market, but it had always struck me as tilted toward specialty items versus actual groceries.) Best of all, the stall had mushrooms! The ones at Whole Foods are so wan, and the Tribeca Greenmarket only briefly had a mushroom vendor. I’ll be back….

••• Aire Ancient Baths—the new bathhouse on Franklin Street—has begun accepting reservations.

••• According to a press release, 250 West is 70% sold.

••• Excellent news from Blaue Gans: “We will now be offering our Strawberry and Elderflower Coupe from Taste of Tribeca on the menu.” It’s soooo good.

••• From Tommy Flynn: “Mysterious tree stump shows up on the sidewalk at Sixth Ave. and Lispenard St.” I hereby decree that it is art.


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