In the News: Lispenard Signage

By Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “After complaints from small business owners that their customers get lost on the way to [Lispenard Street], the city agreed Wednesday to install more street signs by the end of next week. […] There is currently just one Lispenard Street sign, at Broadway, the tail end of the one-way street. Lispenard’s other two intersections have no signs.” —DNAinfo

••• “We hear that one unnamed West Coast-based Facebook insider has flown to Manhattan twice to look at Tribeca’s 144 Duane St., a sprawling multifamily townhouse priced at $49.5 million—up from last month’s $45 million price.” —New York Post

••• Photos of Lower Manhattan restaurants in the 1960s. They’re all exterior shots, FYI. —Eater

••• Those VIP baths at Aire Ancient Baths will be filled with Champagne, among other fluids. —DNAinfo


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  1. Re the restaurant photos: I’m guessing, but apparently Harvey’s was in a building that was knocked down in urban removal to make way for Beekman Downtown Hospital (now NY Downtown Hospital). And the exact site is now the plaza just west of 8 Spruce Street (aka New York by Gehry).