Craig Bagno’s New York

I came across Craig Bagno’s photography on Twitter (@bagno), and loved it from the start. He’s shooting New York City—and occasionally beyond—with film cameras: “TLRs, point & shoots from the 80’s, folders, rangefinders, the SLR that I’ve owned since I was 16.” The color ones speak to me in particular—they’re more subtly evocative and nostalgic than anything Instagram can fake—but all of them are infused with a love of the city. Here’s hoping more Tribeca ones are coming. In the meantime, enjoy these Lower Manhattan photos I borrowed-with-permission from Click each one to enlarge—it’s worth the effort. Also, drift your cursor over each image to see Bagno’s lyric-snippet title.


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  1. Hi. I just came across this. I must say I’m quite flattered. I’ll spend more time in Tribeca. For sure. Lovely neighborhood. Don’t get across town as often as I should…