Seen & Heard: Chambers Construction

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••• The Chambers Street nightmare is moving eastward. As of this weekend-ish, eastbound traffic will no longer be allowed between Church and Chambers Broadway. Read all about it at right.

••• When I got an email from Steven Amedee Fine Custom Framing saying that all custom frames are 20% off in June, I beetled on over with two pieces I had been meaning to get reframed forever. He’s very good at making your art look its best. Mention “summer special.”

••• Tribeca Tarot Reader Liat Silberman is looking to rent a small room within an existing office where she can do readings from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. “It just needs to be clean and neat,” she says. “If someone else wants to work there in the mornings that’s fine, as long as it’s empty and clutter-free when I get there.” Her readings are by appointment only, and she can be reached at

••• Here’s a mini Nosy Neighbor for you. “Any idea on what is happening at Club Remix on Park Place?” write D. “The signs have come down.” I called and they said they’re just renovating, and the signs will be going back up.

••• Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the freebie newspaper boxes seem to be empty? I don’t mean the Trib’s; I mean the ones for Our Town Downtown, Big Apple Parent, and so on. (Look at the ones lined up by the Franklin Street subway stop and you’ll see what I mean.) Am I allowed to pick  them up and throw them away? How about if no one sees?



  1. Re: Construction on Chambers. Perhaps with the move eastward either the D.O.T or whoever is responsible will do something about the dump they put in front of 311 Greenwich Street that has been there now for almost 2 years and with the summer full of rats. Called Margaret Chin’s office to no avail.

  2. Remix has been closed the last 7 to 10 days. It is one thing to change the signs but to be closed over the weekend when your only open for three days a week is unusual to say the least. There must be more going on then simply changing the signs. Good riddance if they are leaving.

  3. New signs named Quest just went up for the old Remix.

  4. I think you mean Church and Broadway, not Church & Chambers ;).