Photo Safari!

A revolutionary way to price shoes.

Honestly, it never even occurred to me to enter Brad.

Like you’d really give your child a Kenmore.

The folks at Black Burger, the new burger joint on Canal, have a sense of humor (or delusions of grandeur?). Photo by Ben Nyberg.

Am I the only one who has grown fond of 137 Franklin’s “blue period”?

Bad day, huh?

Lo and behold, a gold brick.

Appealing to a noisy neighbor’s sense of irony is not the best way to effect change.

Brought to you by the Dia Art Foundation.

Superheroes in Tribeca (courtesy, and since I can’t link from a caption, click the photo to visit her site).

Why do I fear this is for “The Wives of Wall Street” and not “Third World Organization of Women in Science”? (A real group, by the way.) And does this mean people on “reality” TV don’t wear their own clothes?!

Watch out, all you eight-footers! (And, I suppose, people carrying toddlers on their shoulders.)

A renovation of Cortlandt Alley?

Look, pigeon, just because you’re standing on the word “dog” doesn’t change the fact that the water is not meant for you.



  1. I read that sign as “this means you, Brad.”

    And, I love blue Franklin. It’s almost my favourite color!

  2. Thank you for the shout, cool post! :)

  3. Fun in the summer sun!
    Keep them coming.