Seen & Heard: Itizy Ice Cream Truck

••• In that post about ways to chill out, I wrote that (a) adults shouldn’t eat at ice-cream trucks, and (b) people should let me know if I missed any good options. Well, @slicknik25 pointed out on Twitter that there’s a “new ice cream/sorbet truck across from Washington Market Park,” and look who just emailed me: Ann, one of the owners of Itizy. (I didn’t mean fancy ice cream trucks—I meant the Mister Softee variety!) My partner Kenneth and I just launched a new gourmet ice cream and sorbet truck this month with a social mission. This past week we started parking on Greenwich street around the Duane / Jay area. We met lots of great residents during our last two times in the neighborhood and we plan to be back 2-3 times a week (Thursday evening and Sunday for now). While chatting with one of the residents, she recommended we contact your great blog and introduce ourselves. We churn all of the ice cream and sorbets ourselves locally here in NYC using fresh all natural ingredients. Furthermore, through our Scoops for Meals commitment, we donate one meal to a child for every five scoops we sell. Additional information about Itizy can be found on our website at  our locations are posted daily on Twitter.” It’s pronounced eh-teh-zee—or however you denote the first syllable of Italy. (I asked.)

••• Came across this on Airbnb: a garden apartment in 31 Harrison (one of the old townhouses between Greenwich and West Street) that rents for $500 per night.

••• Another sweet comment on the post about Bu & the Duck closing. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Susan? I’d love to make sure she’s seeing these. “Bu and the Duck was legendary. Susan is an exceptional person and her designs were the best in the world. Both my children adored her clothes and the quality is so high that every item has been passed down over and over again to cousins and friends. my daughter wore one of her silk dresses every day for two years when we went on a trip round the world and it is still in perfect condition. Please let me know how to reach  Susan. We know live in Cape Town and were devastated to find Bu gone when we were back this week. Thank you Susan for being such a wonderful designer and friend. You are missed.”

••• On Wednesday, W New York Downtown is kicking off a series of movie screenings “curated by New York’s  notable experts in fashion and film, Isaac Mizrahi and Spike Lee” with Sweet Charity. I seem to recall reading somewhere (although not he press release) that this is a rare opportunity for non-hotel-guests to experience the 31st-floor Residential Lounge, which has 360-degree views.


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  1. The Itizy coffee brownie ice cream is a treat!