Seen & Heard: Quest Questions

••• My source who said “something is happening” at the old Matsugen space at 66 Leonard must have meant that “for lease” signs were going up.

••• Unsurprisingly, the neighbors of Quest (formerly Club Remix) aren’t thrilled. One sent me this email: “The recently renamed Quest is heavily advertising a party [tonight] that has been blatantly misleadingly advertised as being the ‘official’ after party of the NBA draft. As you will see from the attached e-mails, neither the NBA or the NBA Players Association has anything to do with the event and have directed their security offices to look into the misuse of their brands. It’s this kind behavior that should give everyone pause for concern. It certainly should call into question whether the licensee is ‘fit and proper’ at the very least.”

••• Saluggi’s Sandwich Shop looks sort of open, but it’s not. They’re saying Monday.

••• Downtown Florist has moved around the corner, from Church to Murray.

••• The Fulton Street Transit Center appears to have been renamed the Fulton Center. (Why not the Fulcrum?) Anyway, Downtown Alliance’s blog has a post about the progress, and the organization’s Twitter feed said that Fulton Center is the new name.

••• The NYPD’s 1st Precinct Community Council meeting is tonight (Thursday, June 28) at 6:30 p.m. at the 1st Precinct. Perhaps you can ask about the The NYPD Community Affairs crime prevention tip of the week, which starts with this: “A recent insurance industry survey revealed that over 40% of people admit to not hiding their valuables in their vehicles.”

••• Natsu, the sushi joint on Broadway that used to have the “All day servering” sign, has changed name and possibly ownership. It’s now Asaka Sushi.

••• Just got this from the South Street Seaport Museum’s PR folks. To be honest, I can’t keep up with the ships, so I have no clue if it is indeed news:

“The South Street Seaport Museum, once in control of both Piers 15 and 16, is in the process of reducing its fleet of vessels to a number that can be accommodated in the space available at Pier 16—the Museum’s only remaining pier. […] Soon the Museum will move the 1885 ship Wavertree, a wrought-iron merchant vessel that called on South Street itself numerous times during her storied career, into the prime berth at Pier 16 currently occupied by the barque Peking, which will return to its original port of Hamburg.

The 1885 schooner Pioneer will continue to serve as the Museum’s ‘sailing ambassador,’ carrying students on experiential education programs and bringing the public out for public sails on New York Harbor. These experiential programs are part of the Museum’s broader educational programming in which 15,000 school kids have participated year-to-date.

The Gloucester fishing schooner Lettie G. Howard, certificated as a Sailing School Vessel, is currently in Mystic, CT and is in need of significant repairs. After her shipyard period, Lettie will return to South Street where the Museum will use her to take youth to sea for life-changing educational experiences.

The tug W.O. Decker, which also needs significant work, will lie alongside Ambrose until Lettie’s return.

Barge Hughes 925, initially purchased by the Museum as a temporary pier for berthing Wavertree and used as a dock between Piers 15 and 16, will no longer be necessary in the new berthing realities. A barter deal with a local shipyard has allowed the Museum to turn this asset into much-needed repairs to the Ambrose lightship. Ambrose is now back at Pier 16 and open to the public.

Brian McAllister and McAllister Towing of New York have graciously agreed to take back Helen McAllister with the intent of finding another suitable location for her. McAllister Towing had given the turn-of-the-century tug to the Museum in October 2000.

Toredo worm and ice damage have wreaked havoc on the lighter Marion M. as her topside planking and innumerable deck leaks continue to degrade her deck structure. For now she will be moved offsite to a temporary berth for storage as we seek a new home for her.”


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