Seen & Heard: New Home for Chabad of Tribeca/Soho

••• Chabad of Tribeca/Soho is taking over the space at 57 54 Reade (at Broadway) that’s currently home to the Quad Manhattan. From Chabad of Tribeca/Soho’s release: “With bright new classrooms to house our growing preschool & Hebrew school, offices, lobby/cafe and a large multi purpose space, we look forward to increasing our offerings and serving the community with pride. Please look out for information on our upcoming open houses before we open in September.” (But is there room for a sukkah?) And from an email from the Quad Manhattan’s founder, Dr. Kimberly Busi: “The Quad Manhattan’s signature programming will still be happening—we will be creating mini quads that will allow us to bring our programs to kids and families, which is what our families have been asking of us. Of course, we will still serve Tribeca and Lower Manhattan as our first priority and our popular Summer Program will continue to be held in the neighborhood.

••• The new nail salon on Warren (just east of Church) has a name: Abey Nails & SPa. I’m sorry to be a jerk, but it looks tacky like a press-on.

••• Ahu posted a comment this morning about Demi Monde that was interesting: The bar was closed on Saturday night. Maybe holiday weekends are too slow in FiDi to remain open, but still…. (Update: See comments.)

••• Fascinating show happening this week at Jack Hanley Gallery: “Megan May Daalder’s Mirrorbox is a participatory sculptural installation and ongoing research project exploring states of temporary shared identity and the embodiment of empathy. The work resulted from the artist’s discovery that the visual experience of real time face morphing can produce an embodied sense of shared identity in two individuals.” There’s a video that explains it, kind of. Anyway, I confirmed that you get to experience it yourself Thursday (July 12) 6-9 p.m. and Friday (July 13) 10-5 p.m. I’m so there.



  1. Whew…..! Thanks. We needed another Nail Salon in the neighborhood! It was beginning to look like the ratio of spas-to-residents was in danger of falling below 1:1.

  2. re: demi monde – it actually looked more than just closed for the evening – it looked strangely deserved. would be interested to know what’s up !

  3. @Ahu: Just looked at Demi Monde’s website (something I probably should’ve done before…) and it says it’s closed Sat and Sun till Labor Day.