Is Northwest Tribeca Getting a Hip Hotel?

When news came out that the gorgeous 443 Greenwich—the mega building between Vestry and Desbrosses—was purchased by Metro Loft Management, the question was whether it would be rentals (which Metro Loft Management specializes in) or condos (like most everything else in northwest Tribeca). But then, last night, Sotheby’s International agent Torsten Krines tweeted a bombshell of a rumor that was provocative in its specificity:

Hotel Costes in Paris is one of the original “hip hotels”—known as much for its glamorous courtyard restaurant (which makes 443 Greenwich a perfect fit) and loungey CDs as anything else. I called to see where Krines had heard it. “Wish I could but it’s really labeled as a ‘rumor’ and I can’t speculate further on such,” he emailed. I called the Hotel Costes; when I asked if the hotel was opening in New York, the answer was “No.” Language may have been a barrier, and I’m not sure I spoke with someone who would know.

I also called Metro Loft Management, but I have yet to hear back.

A source in the area says the building is around 200,000 square feet, surely big enough for a hotel/condo hybrid, à la the Smyth and possibly, more pertinently, the under-conversion 70 Pine—which is also now owned by Metro Loft Management. [UPDATE: The source also pointed out that the initial developer, Kar Properities, had intended to turn it into a condo/hotel.] Here’s an aerial view of 443 Greenwich, courtesy of Google Maps (the street on the right is not Hudson but a private alley that I don’t believe is named…?):

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  1. About 2 years ago one of the tenants told me they had to move out because the building was going to be converted to a hotel/condo building. I believe when I went into the building from the courtyard to take a look, there was or would be a pool on the first floor. I haven’t heard anything new but will keep my ears open.