Seen & Heard: Freshly Paved Duane Street

••• From Milo Hess: “So they repaved Duane Street around Duane Park making the actual street totally devoid of any old character to go with the old buildings. Looks like a black-top highway without the painted yellow lines…yet other streets got the cobblestone treatment. I don’t get it.” Me neither. Anyone know why that part of Duane isn’t getting cobblestoned?

••• On Sept. 14, the cast and creative team of “Old Jews Telling Jokes” will be at 92YTribeca. And on Sept. 21, director Peter Bogdonavich will be there discussing Stella Adler.

••• The storefront on the Reade Street side of 77 Reade is getting stairs and a ramp. Could something be in the works there? Also, I noticed today that one of the empty storefronts on Walker, just east of Church, appears to be getting worked on. (Forgot to note the address, though.)

••• Does anyone know where I can get aji amarillo paste? I keep seeing it in recipes and the only place that cookbooks say has it is Kalustyan’s, which is too far aboca.

••• The Arman—the new building going up on the north side of Canal, at Washington—is really coming along. Are future archaeologists going to wonder why so many buildings from a certain era have stubby mini-buildings on top?



  1. Don’t know why that part of Duane didn’t get cobbles, but neither did the portion between W Bway and Church. Both were repaved last night.

  2. Kalustyan’s is one of the 3 places for which I will venture aboca. Pick up some kulfi mix while you’re there and the trip is worth it.

  3. I’m with JD. Just update your passport and make the trip. Go upstairs for some lunch while you’re there. Kalustyan’s mujaddara/falafel combination plate is one of the best lunch deals around – delicious.

  4. Yeah, go to Kalustyan’s. I make that run every now and then, and I always try to stock up on as many obscure ingredients as I can. They also have a surprisingly large selection of cocktail ingredients, including the best selection of bitters I have ever seen.

  5. Agreed. Any trip outside Tribeca is worth it!!!!

  6. Find it unbelievable that the city is repaving previously unpaved streets in cobblestone and then goes ahead and ruins one of the most charming park/streets in Tribeca?! Are they nuts?

    Hoping this is temporary, but on other streets there was no such “interim” step.. the cobblestones simply went straight in after the old road surface was ripped up

    Should put send this up to CB1 – it just boggles the mind.

  7. And what about N Moore? No more cobblestones (or the pitter patter of horse hooves on cobblestones)

  8. You might find aji Amarillo at Western Beef (western on 16th street between 9th and 10th ave. I get a lot of latin products there.

  9. Yes, the repaving of a previously paved street should be given the highest priority on the CB1 resolutions to resolve list. I would suggest DEFCON 2, or even 1, if there are no sidewalk cafe permits or requests for 4am closings under consideration. Why not get some of the 1 in 5 NYers living in poverty to tear up the street and cobble it? I can’t believe this happened right under the watchful eye of the Friends of Duane Park.

  10. @Strollerless: N. Moore will be cobblestoned between Greenwich and Hudson ( @Everyone who bucked me up to go to Kalyustan’s: Thanks. @M: If Kalyustan’s doesn’t work out, I’ll try Western Beef!

  11. Smithers.. Paving would be a great idea..
    Better than option no 2 “sucking f@rts out of taxi cabs”

  12. I can’t belive that someone has decided to desecrate this lovely corner of Tribeca by repaving over those lovely cobblestones. Shooting is too good for them!

  13. I meant the rest of N Moore – primarily between Varick and Hudson. Why not cobblestone the whole thing? Cobblestone party?

  14. Really? I can’t belive that someone decided to comment that “Shooting is too good for them!” Way to keep it classy, David.

  15. I spoke with one of the road crew fellows last week while they were laying the pavement around midnight. He said that certain streets had too much “stuff” under the pavement to put cobblestones down. Con Ed, etc. needed easy access.
    I initially made the joke to him ” how many guys does it take to pave Duane Street?” FYI: 25..
    He also said roadcrews were generally disappointed to cover beautiful old cobblestone streets but on many “main” streets they are a thing of the past.

  16. Beach St. was torn up for the pipe work & when done had no cobblestones for weeks, months. They finally got around to putting down the cobblestones on one 1/2 of the street. We were then told it would take a month to cure before the fence would be taken down & put up on the other 1/2 of the street to finish repaving but it is well over a month & the fence remains with nothing being done on the north side of the street. Perhaps this is the same fate for Duane St. & it is a matter of time before they get to cobblestone it. I often wonder why the city spends the amount of money they do to glamorize our neighborhood while teachers are underpaid & so much can be done with the money being used here. Actually I don’t wonder about that, we all know why, just saying!

  17. 25 guys is nonsense.. I remember seeing them paving Varick near Laight a few years ago.. 6 guys.. Total… 2 watching 4 doing (incredible productivity ratio in construction btw) .. It took them less than a week…
    It goes incredibly fast all the pavers were pre cut and they simply snapped lines on the street and laid them down really fast.