A New Sitcom About Tribeca Dads

Seriously. It’s called “Guys With Kids.” Jimmy Fallon is to blame among the producers, and it debuts on NBC this fall. The three GWK, who all live in the same building and speak in sassy sitcomese, are played by Jesse Bradford (so charming in Bring It On), Zach Cregger (gets the good better lines), and Anthony Anderson. Two of the women characters are played by Tempestt Bledsoe and former Tribecan Jamie-Lynn Sigler. There are few details at this point, but the ones that have surfaced—one couple is African-American, the guys are “thirtysomething,” one of their apartments has vertical blinds—imply it will not hew to the reality of contemporary Tribeca. In fact, the only Tribeca thing about it is the bit of fauxbeca that appears through this window. (It appears to have been shot entirely on soundstages.)

And there are four snippets online. I watched them all. I haven’t endured a midlevel sitcom in a long time, which may be why I found them so painful. In any event, this was the least depressing.



  1. it looks really, really bad.

  2. Maybe this will dissuade more people from moving down here?

  3. Surely Jamie Lynn Sigler can get better work than this cancelled after 2 episodes f*ckery.

  4. Anybody remember “I’m It”, with Valerie Cherish, from the 80s? Now that was a sitcom!

  5. I am not a religious person, but I can’t help but think someone is going to go to hell as a result of the existence of this show.

  6. Wow. Painful. I think the canned laughter makes it worse.