Warren Lofts: Renderings, Pricing, Floor Plans

Not a day after my post about all the new conversions under way, one of the more intriguing ones—Warren Lofts (37 Warren), the building at the southwest corner of Church and Warren—has released a bunch of info on its site. The big reveal—besides pricing—are the renderings of the four-story addition. Most of these images can be enlarged by clicking.

At first I thought the material was Cor-Ten steel, the rusting metal that Richard Serra favors, but it’s clear from another rendering that the surface is reflective. (Update: It’s “reflective copper-bronze colored stainless steel.”) Handel Architects handled the design, by the way.

If I’m reading the website correctly, Bazbaz Development has made each floor of the topper a three-to-four bedroom penthouse: “These newly constructed 3-4 bedroom residences offer oversized living rooms framed by large-scale glass windows, entertaining and dining areas with fireplaces, and lavishly proportioned private outdoor terraces.” (Remember when “penthouse” meant “the apartment on the top floor”? I’m jealous, obviously.) Here’s a rendering of 7A’s living room:

And here’s the work-in-progress bathroom. Maybe the toilets come sanitized for your protection? Maybe a toilet concierge™ comes up and rewraps the seat as necessary?

I kid. Speaking of which: There will be a space for the little ones: “Escape to the ultimate urban clubhouse, imagined and purposely crafted as a sanctuary for the Tribeca kids that call Warren Lofts home. Modeled after an imaginative backyard ‘tree house,’ the Clubhouse has been given the same high level craftsmanship and attention to detail—including special features such as custom furniture, vintage arcade,”—do kids today even know what Pac-Man is?—”and integrated multi-media environment.”

Adults get a sanctuary, too: the roof garden.

Or I suppose they could hang in the lobby, which also has a garden.

Before we get to the pricing, here’s an image of the building from 1931.

And now, the pricing (and a floor plan of Penthouse B):

P.S. I just noticed that the marketing folks for the building having included local media—such as Tribeca Citizen—in the website’s news ticker. Appreciate it!



  1. Haha. Toilet concierge. Thanks for the info.

  2. In all these new apartments the closets are pretty minimal. Every bedroom has a private bathroom in most – but I see bedrooms with one tiny closets or maybe none. And there are no decent storage spaces anywhere. Makes no sense, especially at these prices.