Seen & Heard: Cristina Dos Santos’s New Location

••• Cristina Dos Santos is moving from N. Moore to 14 Jay (above), where Ethan Coen Fine Arts is. I called Ethan Coen Fine Arts to find out where they’re moving, and the guy who answered the phone said they aren’t (but they are opening a museum in Beacon). I called again today, but have yet to hear back (and don’t expect to).

••• I was talking to another “member” of Asphalt Green Battery Park City, who said that he stopped by the sales office to ask if there was any word as to when the facility would open. He was told the end of August. So I just called, and I was told “the end of summer or early fall.” For what that’s worth….

••• I’ve been keeping an eye on the storefront at 142 Duane (right) for a while, figuring the paper in the windows and the light often being on meant something was coming there. But the other day the interior door was open, and I saw a huge painting-in-progress. It was pixelated, like a newsprint photo blown way up. Anyone know who’s working in there? And whether it’s a temporary atelier or a permanent one?

••• This just came in from Jesse Eidsness, who is opening Little One in the old Columbine space at White and W. Broadway: “We’re making progress and I’m happy to have an great team fast-tracking the renovation. The building is over 200 years old and was just kind of patched together over the years, so once we got into full demo (as anybody who’s dealt with historic renovations might expect), it opened up a whole can of worms. It’s been quite a year to say the least. We’re on the right track for a solid and safe building restoration, and are hoping to complete all work before the end of the year. I know the neighbors are anxious and so am I!” Also: The wooden frame on the roof is a mock-up for a bulkhead.

••• A reader sent in a photo of the signage for Westville Hudson. When the news broke that the restaurant was opening in Hudson Square, I hadn’t realized what a boon it’ll be for delivery.

••• Liv DeRose pointed out that Tribecans might be especially interested in this video because the star, Riley, lives in Tribeca (with her parents, Catherine and Jason McManus). “Riley’s parents posted this video on YouTube for friends and family, but somehow it went viral and now it has over 250,000 views. It was on ‘Good Morning America’ a few days ago and there was a piece in the Huffington Post (plus many other websites and news channels). Kind of fun to have a local kid getting so much attention!” Indeed!


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  1. On Asphalt Green, AG is saying later in September. The BPCA, who are the ones actually supervising the construction, aren’t saying anything. As usual.