Seen & Heard: Sign the Asphalt Green Petition

••• Behold: a petition to get the Battery Park City Authoritarian State Authority to allow Asphalt Green Battery Park City to open. Even if you haven’t joined AGBPC, you should sign—because if you belong to Equinox, say, your club will only get less busy if AGBPC can finally open.

••• Speaking of Asphalt Green: “Free semi-private”—that phrase always strikes me as oxymoronic, like a semi-virgin—”personal training demos with Asphalt Green’s Fitness Manager and Trainer Eric Rochet. Monday, July 30 and Thursday, August 2. Half-hour sessions from 5:30-8 p.m. These semi-private training sessions for 2-4 participants will be geared toward beginner and intermediate levels of fitness, using balls, bands, steps, light weights and body weight exercises. Come with your own group or we’ll place you with other members.”

••• From @MMDevoe: “I’m 1st customer! Love the hats! R&R Coffee soft open on Fulton&Gold. Grand opening 7/30.” It seems to be a non-chain, although there are independent R&Rs in Colorado and Texas.

•••  Tribeca Greenmarket has a great new “Take a bag/leave a bag” program at the information tent. On Saturdays 8 a.m to 2 p.m., you can borrow a reusable bag—just bring it back to next week’s market. Obviously, if you have too many bags at home, donate a few. (They don’t want your plastic supermarket bags, obviously.) Meanwhile, now at the Saturday market: Japanese eggplant, Italian eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, bell peppers, hot peppers, shishito peppers, cantaloupes, corn, yellow/green/purple string beans, peaches, donut peaches, nectarines and plums. And at Wednesday’s market: Italian eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, Sungold tomatoes, bell peppers, cantaloupes, corn, string beans, peaches, donut peaches, nectarines, plums and gingergold apples.

••• August 19 is Ice Cream Sunday at New Amsterdam Market: “Tasting tickets are now on sale! This year’s participants include The Bent Spoon, Early Bird Cookery, Il Buco, ESCA, Luca and Bosco, Marlow & Sons, La Newyorkina, Rouge Tomate, Steve’s Ice Cream, Van Leeuwen, and more. Early Bird ticket holders will get a head start on sampling the unique ice cream flavors created just for the Market; General Admission begins at 1 p.m.”



  1. Where is the petition?

  2. where can I sign this petition?

  3. Sorry, I guess I forgot to include the link. I’ll add it later (but it may not be till the end of the day).

  4. Please sign this if for no other reason than to tell bureaucrats to stop acting like babies. Yes, our taxes pay your salary.

  5. The link is now there. Sign it!

  6. how about a petition to get rid of the bpca? the level of corruption is on a par with vintage chicago or new orleans – and to think the guy who runs it wants to be mayor?!?

  7. Totally corrupt. Disgusting example of local politics and protecting their own special interests. They are literally starving AG out of existence. My prediction: they will unnecessarily blow tax payor and ground lease fees cash to buy AG out of the contract at a discount – then put in cheap and half-assed community run group managed by BPC / Townley, etc. Then, they will pitch it as more cost efficient and better for the community. They are not only stupid, they are totally CORRUPT!

  8. something weird is definitely going on around AG and it definitley worries me. We need more transparency around it.