In the News: New FiDi Supermarket

By Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “The spacious new supermarket opening soon in Southbridge Towers is run by Key Food, but feels more like an upscale specialty market with a sushi counter, organic produce, an array of international cheeses and a sunlit seating area.” —DNAinfo

••• “If you like humiliation and habañeros, then Super Linda, in Tribeca, is for you.” —The New Yorker

••• Someone in the Gehry building has a pink shade, which is against the rules. —Curbed

••• The Wall Street Journal has an article about all the new retail space in the World Trade Center, World Financial Center, Fulton [Street Transit] Center, and Pier 17. I’m sorry, but the idea that Condé Nast is going to somehow help is ludicrous—fashion people hate paying for clothes, and certainly not retail.

••• “Savvy Lower Manhattan residents know of at least one bank that needs no bailout: TimeBank, where the ‘depositors’ each donate their own time and skills in exchange for those of others.” —Broadsheet



  1. The New Yorker review of Super Linda is spot on… Well written!

  2. I showed up at 5:30pm on a Tuesday night. The entire restaurant was empty and I got the same icy response from the hostess. They gave us a table reluctanly but said we would need to be history by 7:00pm. Never went back. Also had a similiar experience at Tinys. No worries — there are plenty of restaurants in Tribeca to choose from.

  3. re: Super Linda – I think this is all the corroboration I need to never want to go there. Anyone going to stand up for the place?

  4. Got a good food review for Super Linda from a friend with no mention of bad service. Been to Tiny’s twice and both food and service were fine. Same with Warren 77. Never been to Smith and Mills.

  5. I echo the review of Super Linda. The service was mediocre at best. We had an 8pm reservation on a Tuesday night a couple of months ago and we were not seated until close to 9:15pm. The food did very little to make up for the wait, and while there were a couple interesting bites, I can’t help but wonder if the only folks who might enjoy this place are those looking more for a scene rather than good food. My advice–if you like Tiny’s or Warren 77, stick with them. #SuperFeo

  6. Never ate at Super Linda, Tiny’s service is random, sometimes good, often very bad.. the food is ok, not great.The hostesses are generally on the rude side…( and I have to say the wine pour is tiny)
    I agree w Paul…No worries — there are plenty of restaurants in Tribeca to choose from.

  7. Been to Tiny’s 3-4 times. Service is often slow, and the wine pour is tiny, but otherwise, the food is good and everyone I’ve encountered was very nice.

    I only wish they had the old lunch burger on the dinner menu – topped with beets, yum!

  8. We’ve been to Super Lindas and the food is average, the service okay and the tequila was excellent but very expensive. Next time, we’re buying our own bottle of tequila and staying home, we’ll have just as much fun!

  9. Re: Super Linda: Drinks were very good, and food was okay when I was there in May, although the chef was quite surprised when I mentioned something about the plating of a dish–and the element I mentioned was not supposed to be there. Also, they took it upon themselves to add $5 to my bill after I had signed the charge slip. So if you go, watch out for baby arugula dressed only in lemon juice (I think it was with the prawns), and check your charge card statement carefully.

    And re: 55 Fulton Market: it’s still a Key Food. I wonder if this one will have mice climbing over the potatoes, as I saw in the existing one. And I doubt the Jubilee/Zeytuna shoppers from the FiDi dorms will venture that far north. After all, a lot of really, really old people live there. (Even older than me!)