TCQ&A: Karen Sachs

The rules: Answer as many of the 47 questions as you like (but a minimum of 15, and you must answer #1–4). Please limit most answers to the general geographic area.

1. How long have you lived in the area? Where did you move from? Where are you originally from? I’ve lived in Tribeca for 15 years. Before that was in Union Square area. Originally from southern California (Los Angeles).

2. Married? Partnered? If so, what’s his/her name and occupation? Currently single.

3. Kids? Pets? I have two sons. Ages 9 1/2 and 14.

4. Where do you live? Chambers Street. I’ve lived on both Reade then Franklin before my current residence.

5. What do you do for a living? I have a personal-shopping and home-staging business called Renew Staging. I’ve also just recently relaunched my handbag line, Tru Tru Design by bringing back out one of my best-selling styles. They are being sold at Steven Alan and soon to be launched

7. Most-frequented restaurants: Yorganic, Shake Shack with my kids, Nobu Next Door.

8. For special occasions, I go to: Empellón Taqueria. Incredible guacamole—all different flavors. Also love Il Mulino.

10. Sweet-tooth satisfaction: Brownies from Whole Foods or chocolate-chip cookie from Birdbath.

13. I can’t resist popping into: Calypso on West Broadway.

14. The last non-essential item I bought: Blouse from Tucker in Soho.

15. When I walk into my apartment, the first thing I see that I bought around here is: Well, I didn’t buy it…. It was a gift—a beautiful painting by my dear and talented friend Basmat Levin, who has her studio on Hudson near Leonard.

16. I’m so glad Whole Foods is in the neighborhood, because without it I’d be wildly inconvenienced!

17. How I stay fit: Cycle, yoga, cardio sculpt classes at Equinox plus walking a lot.

20. A recent enthusiasm: Bike riding on the path that goes up the Hudson River.

22. A recent case of sticker shock: Shipping a package UPS within the city.

23. When my kids are older, they’ll always remember September 11, 2001 (my oldest); growing up in Washington Market Park (both). Also P.S. 234.

24. Rainy-day activity: Movie at Regal Battery Park Cinema.

30. I tend to take out-of-towners to: Gigino at Wagner Park.

31. I wish I lived in…. The penthouse apartment on Warren and West Broadway.

32. My very favorite spot: Any of the lawns in Rockefeller Park.

34. If money were no object, I’d buy a lovely three-bedroom loft in Tribeca and then take my boys to Paris, Barcelona, and then the Amalfi Coast.

38. The most romantic spot around: Watching the sunset in Rockefeller Park.

39. Tribeca could use more reasonably priced healthy simple-food casual cafés and fewer high-ticket large restaurants.

40. If I could change one thing about the neighborhood: So much construction!

41. A business I’d like to have here: A great little shop for my bags and cool stylish clothing and accessories. Tribeca used to have more of these “one-offs.” They make the neighborhood more for the residents.

43. The best Tribeca/BPC story I won’t tell: Discussing ice cream flavors in Whole Foods with a very famous actor and Tribeca resident. We were literally standing together with the freezer door open.

45. Proof that change is good: The developed piers and bike path.

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  1. I know Karen and she is beautiful, strong and resourceful, a special person. Being through hardship seems to have just made her stronger. I wish her great success with everything in her life!

  2. I have known Karen for almost ten years and am the proud owner of six or seven of her bags. The designs are beautiful, the sizes and shapes are practical and they all feel timeless and current – the mark of a great designer! I have her newest bag in yellow and brown and people stop me on the street to ask where I got it. She epitomizes the Tribeca citizen at its best!