Need Help Finding a Nail Salon?

We’ve all heard the complaints about how every other empty storefront is turned into a nail salon—some of us have even been among the complainers—but exactly how many are there around here? I walked these hot, gritty streets (maybe I need a pedicure) in order to create a handy-dandy (pun!) map highlighting all the places you can get your nails did. I believe I can cross “public service” off my New Year resolutions list.

View Nail Salons in Tribeca in a larger map

If you prefer a list:
• Sufu Nail & Spa / 113 Church
• Affina Nails & Spa / 125 Church
• Ada Nails & Spa / 81 W. Broadway
• Abey Nails & SPa / 32 Warren
• Chambers Beauty Spa / 160 Chambers
• Yuya Nails & Spa / 164 Chambers
• Elégante Nails / 125 Chambers
• Cozy Cuts and Nails / 158 Church
• Yuya Nails & Spa / 315 Greenwich
• TenOverTen / 112 Reade
• V.I.P. Nail / 68 Reade
• Yuki Nail Spa / 179 Church
• Belita Nails / 372 Greenwich
• Tribeca Beauty Spa / 8 Harrison
• i-Plaza Nail & Spa / 387 Greenwich
• Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa / 222 W. Broadway
• Yuya Nail Salon / 8 Beach St.
• i-Plaza Nail & Spa / 475 Greenwich

P.S. Sorry if this sounds overly crabby. By all means, indulge yourself! Some (probably most, or even all) of these are great neighbors.



  1. It would be a true public service if you had your nails done at every one and wrote a review…

  2. @Sheila: Since I’ve never had a manicure, I’d be a poor judge!

  3. But how could you forget Yaya Nails on Beach Street? No relation to Yuya?

  4. By the time you worked your way through the list, you’d be an expert.

  5. @Strollerless: Thanks! Added it. I actually did the research when it was like 100 degrees out, and when I got to Sweet Lily, I didn’t walk the streets so much as imagine myself doing it. Must’ve skipped Beach….