Citibank Confirmed for Prime Tribeca Location

Last October, Tribeca Citizen reported that Citibank would be opening a branch at the old Bouley Market Café Bakery and Rug Emporium space, a.k.a. 120 W. Broadway, the one-story white building at Duane. And then nothing happened—I even marked it as “Stalled or questionable” in the last Progress Report. But lo and behold, Citibank has installed signage confirming the move. (Thanks to Liv for sending in the photo.)

And the one person I know who was excited about it is leaving the neighborhood next month….



  1. Access to the roof deck with every new checking account?

  2. The Rif Raf will now be able to use the ATM for their sojourn to IHOP.

  3. Great. Just GREAT!! Are there any Mom & Pop banks left in this city?!!! They have all been run-off by these corporatey mega-banks with their FDIC-insured accounts. Well, I hope they have some ATMs, because that’s just what this neighborhood needs, another ATM machine!

  4. When I wasn’t looking, did someone pass a law that every corner must be rented to a bank?

    Or, can only banks afford corners nowadays?

    What a waste of those delightful windows.

  5. Yes, that law was passed to overturn the previous law that required every storefront on that block to be a Bouley restaurant/kiosk.

  6. “ATM machine” is redundant

  7. ATM machine is redundant, ATM machine is redundant, ATM machine is redundant, ATM machine is redundant is also redundant.

  8. Yes way way too many banks – seems like every day that something unique goes under and is replaced with yet another bank…

    ::: Wondering what will happen to NY Street level commercial real estate when RFID tags become a common substitute for cash :::

  9. > Or, can only banks afford corners nowadays?

    Yep. That’s pretty much it.

  10. Those windows are crying out for retail—let’s hope Citibank doesn’t make us look at ugly fake-wood office furniture. (I always thought women’s fashion would make sense there—not high end, but more like J. Crew or Lululemon. Or even a permanent mini Target for its neverending pop-up collections. I guess there isn’t the traffic to justify the high rents that landlords expect because Tribeca is rich.)

  11. Maybe we can lobby for the much needed nail salon.

  12. Not your best comeback, Smithers.