Seen & Heard: New Building Updates

••• Something is happening at 88 Reade (at Church), where Mike’s Papaya used to be.

••• There’s a new piece of art at Washington and Canal. The website is a bunch of dead links, and the group’s Facebook page is blank.

••• The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival will be April 17–28.

••• Anyone read Triburbia yet? What did you think?

••• Barry’s Bootcamp has put up some inspiring (or perhaps intimidating) signage.

••• From New Amsterdam Market: “New Amsterdam Market in collaboration with South Street Seaport Museum introduces lunch on a summer Thursday [at Pier 16 in the Seaport] with New Amsterdam Market market fare vendors.  Participants includes: Black Tree Sandwich, La Newyorkina, Porchetta, Luke’s Lobster, P&H Soda, People’s Pops, Pushcart Coffee, and more.”

••• And now, several new-building updates. First, 137 Franklin has windows:

••• Second, the garage at 71 Laight appears to have begun its journey to condoization (there’s asbestos abatement signage on the door).

••• Third, the Arman building on the other side of Canal looks nearly done.

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  1. I read Triburbia the day it came out. Sophomoric plots and sub plots, poor character development, and written for an 8th grader. Certainly not high literature.

  2. Three words re. Triburbia – MID LIFE CRISIS

  3. Or maybe it’s two? MIDLIFE CRISIS
    Either way…

  4. I read it ( thanks Erik) and enjoyed it, it was entertaining.
    Maybe not great literature.. but I guess I am easily entertained . ( why else would I find a discussion about pancakes so funny?)