Welcome to TweeBeCa: Special Celebrity Edition!

All good New Yorkers know they’re not supposed to talk to celebrities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tweet about spotting them out and about. Or hoping to, anyway.



  1. I had to look up Steve Nash. Only celebrity I found was a Los Angeles basketball player. 6’3″, 38 years old. Riding a skateboard? Do I have the wrong Steve Nash? Some part of this picture isn’t gelling for me.

  2. @David: That’s the right Steve Nash; he lives her and is often spotted skateboarding (according to what I see on Twitter). Most people seem to enjoy seeing him.

  3. @David we proud fellow Canadians especially enjoy seeing him. NBA MVP two years running!

  4. sat next to Jake Gylenhall at La Colombe last week…..hangin with a very pretty girl….fr